Latex Harley Quinn Strapless Bunny Bodysuit


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This strapless bodysuit is a cute take on the classic Harley Quinn outfit. It has diamonds on the front and soft boning to the bust, giving a great shape and secure fit! It has a back zip for easy dressing and is chlorinated.

The bunny ears are not included but are available on another listing.

This body is shown in royal blue and metallic red as standard but can be made in any colour.

Sizing – Available in UK sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or provide us with your bust, waist and hip measurements for a custom fit at no extra charge!

Materials – 0.4mm latex


UK 8 – Bust 32″ – Waist 25″ – Hips 35″

UK 10 – Bust 34″ – Waist 27″ – Hips 37″

UK 12 – Bust 36″ – Waist 29″ – Hips 39″

UK 14 – Bust 38″ – Waist 31″ – Hips 41″

UK 16 – Bust 40″ – Waist 33″ – Hips 43″

Model: Beckah Suicide
Photographer: Digital-Steve Photography / LatexfashionTV


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UK 8 - Bust 32" - Waist 25" - Hips 35"

UK 10 - Bust 34" - Waist 27" - Hips 37"

UK 12 - Bust 36" - Waist 29" - Hips 39"

UK 14 - Bust 38" - Waist 31" - Hips 41"

UK 16 - Bust 40" - Waist 33" - Hips 43"

UK 18 - Bust 42" - Waist 35" - Hips 45"


Cleaning -
Latex should be cleaned after being worn by rinsing inside and out with luke warm water. It should be dried flat or on a wooden or plastic hanger before storing in a plastic bag or tissue paper.

Storage -
Your latex should be stored away from heat, humidity and light so as not to affect the finish and shine.

Handling -
Please be gentle when pulling your garment on and off as latex is fragile and too much stretching may result in a rip.
Be extra careful to remove any jewellery before dressing as any edges such as rings or fingernails can cause a tear in the material.

Light coloured latex -
can be stained by certain types of metal so be careful not to handle coins or wear piercings that are in contact with your garment otherwise a permanent yellow stain may occur.
Perfumes and oil based lotions may also chemically affect the latex finish.

Shining -
Latex can be polished to a high shine using silicon based sprays or wipes, I would recommend Armorall or Vivishine.

The majority of our latex is chlorinated, this is a process which smooths the surface of the latex, making it much easier to dress and greatly reducing the need for talc and lubricants.

There are many advantages to using this procedure, there are no messy talc marks, latex can be layered under normal clothes, or on top of other rubber items. The life of your latex may also be increased as chlorination stops any stickiness after washing and drying.

Treated latex can be handled in exactly the same way as unchlorinated, the only difference being that the surface of a repair needs to be roughened slightly with sandpaper before gluing.

Some of our products are not chlorinated, such as accessories and items with lace or metals, these are noted in the product description.